Mad Times

Issue 1: The Mad-nifesto





Issue 1: The Mad-nifesto


Mad Times Magazine aims to create an open forum for writers, artists, and activists to share their art and voices with the broader community. 

Mission Statement

OUR MISSION is to create an inclusive and supportive space where consumer/survivors/ex-patients, allies, peer workers, community members, students, and citizens can find and build strength, creativity, and community.

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Mad innit?

For some “mad” is an identity, for some a badge of honor, or a cap-badge worn as an act of resistance

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What are ‘Critical Mad Perspectives’

During my graduate studies in social work at Ryerson last year, I did a research project called Centering Sanism – Stories & Visions for Mad Positive Mental Health.

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Looking for Advocates for Advocacy

What does advocacy mean? Advocacy is about speaking or acting on behalf of a disadvantaged person (or group), defending their wishes or rights, and remaining loyal and accountable to them despite pressures to do otherwise.

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William Kurelek (1927-1977)

I first was introduced to Ukrainian-Canadian artist William Kurelek in 2012, when the extended version of the original documentary William Kurelek’s The Maze (7) was screened in a church near my house as part of the “Rendez-vous with Madness Film Festival.”

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Visual Media

The Thought. Mixed Media. Christian Butcher.
Formatted for Issue 1's cover
Paradigm Shift. Mixed Media. Sarah Varnam. *Formatted for Issue 1's cover