Introducing our Writers & Editors

matthew ariaratnam makes, collects, and shares sounds. sometimes he writes about them. sometimes he writes about other things. matthew identifies as being mad.






A Romanian vampire once told Benjamin Bandosz that there are too many books to read to even consider sleeping. In daylight hours, Benek sabotages his own vital role in the global financial system by writing short prose, editing/compiling a few publications, and reading leftist propaganda.





Elvira Black is a member of the consumer-survivor community at large.






Andie Charalambous is an OCAD University graduate, visual artist, and poet creating in between HamOnt and Toronto. She has just currently published her first chapbook “Scraped Knee Wounds.”





Dana McCool (Editor) is an anarchist shapeshifter, insomniac time-traveler, existentialist writer and multi-disciplinary artist. Entering her fifth year of study Ontario College of Art and Design with a simultaneous degree in the social sciences, she is well-versed in sociological theory and related activism(s). Likewise, she entertains an array of strange, often metaphysical subjects in her free time, which contribute to her vision. A surrealist at heart, Dana enjoys contemplating the nature of reality, especially the paradigms we operate within – as individuals – in biological, social, trans-personal and spiritual contexts.





My name is Milvando Peixoto Torres. I don’t have any art published. My art is the escape valve. I have been hearing voices for 26 years and just at the beginning of taking medication. After I discovered and accepted I became free to live.



Toshio U.-P. is a mad activist and poet living within the mental health system since suffering a relapse in 2006. After spending a Christmas within an inpatient unit on the Queen St. site (Toronto, ON) prior to its redevelopment, he took an interest in mad archives and mental hospital landscape architecture. Toshio recently joined the Mad Pride Toronto planning committee and is active as an artist with Workman Arts and the Secret Handshake.