Mad Pride Week 2016 – Events are going to be great.


Welcome to you and you and you!


Time, day may change Mad Pride Week 2016
Monday 11
Tuesday 12
Wednesday 13
Thursday 14
Friday 15
  • 12:30p.m.-5:45p.m. Discussions, forums, meditation, & improv comedy for anxiety at Ryerson University (a jam packed afternoon of free classes and conversations!)

12:30p.m.-1:30p.m. – Intro to Tai Chi*

12:30p.m.-2:00p.m. – Panel discussion – Anti-black Racism & MadnessJennifer Poole, Idil Abdillahi, Sonia Meerai, and others

2:00p.m.-4:00p.m. – Peer Supporter Strategy and Discussion Session*

2:30p.m.–4:30p.m. – Improv Workshop for Anxiety*

4:30p.m.-5:45p.m. – Introduction to Mindful Living*

*Registration available online. Spaces are limited, however, a few spots will be reserved for walk-ins.

Saturday 16
  • 7:00p.m.-11:00p.m. Survive our Stage (SOS at the Imperial Pub) rocking, poetry, music
Sunday 17
  • 11:00a.m.-1:30p.m. Mad Pride Bed-Push Parade – We show that we have made progress since 1993’s first “anti-psychiatry” event – We are here in the community and living full, fun, and loud lives!
  • Parade driven by love, madness and featuring social-justice band Samba Elégua!

Twitter: @madpridetoronto


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