What is Mad Pride?

Mad? There’s Pride for that!

Mad Pride is an arts, culture, and heritage festival created by psychiatric survivors, consumers, mad people, and folks the world has labelled “mentally ill”.

Mad Pride is about:

  • remembering and participating in mad history
  • challenging discrimination
  • advocating for rights
  • affirming mad identities
  • developing and empowering mad communities
  • having fun!

Our lives and contributions are valuable and need celebration!

All events are FREE.


Mad? What’s in a word?

Similar to how LGBTQ communities are reclaiming the word “queer”, Mad Pride activists seek to reclaim language that has been used against us such as “mad”, “nutter”, “crazy”, “lunatic”, “maniac”, and “psycho”.

Reclaiming language is political and challenges discrimination. Mad Pride participants use and refuse a variety of labels. We choose “mad” as an umbrella term.

For more information:

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