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    I am a victim of punitive psychiatry.
    I am from Ireland & it is the 5b ward Limerick.
    In 2002 they spent a year trying to sacrafice me.
    They coerced me to see a Psychiatrist who hospitalised me.
    I was pharmalogically tortured.
    They have hospitalised me 6 times since & tortured me.
    I have spent a year and a half in there since 2003.
    Please help

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      Sorry to hear.
      I heard they do that!

      Whats is happening since then?

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    Hi I need help to get off antipsychotics can you please make a speedy response

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    Support us, so we become able to support you in the future!

    Martin Luther King said:
    “The supreme task is to organise and unite people so that their anger becomes a transforming force.”

    WORLD PEACE GAME transforms this wisdom into a digital reality…



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    Rape and harassment still go on in the outpatient psych wards (Ottawa 2016) . How come nobody is reporting on that?
    Okay, so I suspect my First Episode Psychosis program was being used as a front for either the military or the government to experiment on me. So they terrorized me in my apartment, labeled me psychotic in the psych ward and proceeded to rape, harass, belittle me and destroy my reputation. If you ask anyone they’ll deny it seeing as it is extremely illegal what they did to me.
    It’s a really long story seeing as it has taken place over the span of 3 years so I’ll just provide a brief summary.
    They videotaped me getting raped by a family member (My family members deny it out of fear of repercussion). They forced my mom to wipe my ass while I slept. They engineered a fake psychosis so I would be brought into the psych ward and labelled severely schizophrenic.
    Some girl said I was up against a city so I assume the government orchestrated everything. The rest sounds like a page out of a sci-fi movie.
    I heard some Muslim guy say the spy agency did it because I kept mentioning them on Facebook.
    Most of the city know I got raped because I keep hearing “Suck his dick” everywhere I go. Is it possible to talk to a reporter or scout about it?
    I’m actually being severely bullied by the government.
    What I’ve learned so far is that Ottawa pretty much has zero respect for human rights.
    I’m pretty sure my older brother Alejandro had me lobotomized in my sleep as well.
    Pretty much the staff were intrusive and violent.
    Security guards beat me up in the psych ward because I ripped out a guard railing (My nerves were rattled from the harassment).
    My lawyer never gave me back my medical records but once I pick them up I’ll let you know.
    Pretty much once you’re labelled a threat to yourself and others they’re free to do whatever they want to you.
    But I think my older brother might have something to do with what had happened. When I called the cops about it they asked me if I had spoken with him.
    Trudeau had me flagged as a false threat to the government.
    Sorry for the bad storytelling. Nobody tells me anything and I’m still being manipulated.
    The reason my story changes is because I’m trying to figure out what happened.
    Scratch the Trudeau part.

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    Andreas Kunz
    Weinstr. 100
    78960 Klingenmuenster

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