Call for Submissions

Call for Submissions!

Everyone wants change. But what needs to happen if we want to see it? Since we’re also part of the problem, along with everyone else, what do we need to do at an individual level? Issue 3 of Mad Times will be looking for short opinion and critical pieces, artwork, poetry, and photographs surrounding the idea of what it means to change perception, habits, institutions, the system at large, and how these changes might happen. These are big questions and Mad Times is looking for your voice on these matters!

As we will be coming out of a summer of many social and political events, such as Mad Pride Week, what else do you want these events to address? Could or should we change forms of political action? How do we carry out change? What can a person do to make a difference, or start making a difference? These are just some basic, and broad, questions; we strongly encourage submissions addressing different problems and questions, too!

Articles and opinion pieces should be limited to ​ 3-4 pages​, ​ single spaced​, ​12-point font​, artwork and poetry submissions should contain ​ maximum 3 pieces​. We want to encourage an open forum for the voices of the community to share different thoughts and opinions. Please note that all submissions will be peer-edited and reviewed.  Submitting work for consideration is easy. ​Please email your written submissions as ​ .docx​, .doc​, or ​ PDF formats. ​ Email us samples of your artwork as ​ high res JPG files​. Video and audio submissions are also welcome, they will be included on the Mad Times webpage. Please email all submissions to Please include a short bio (Do you identify as Mad, consumer survivor, psych survivor or otherwise been in the psychiatric system?), and a summary of the work.

Please include the following with your submission:

• Your Name (and company name if you have one)

• Contact information (Phone, Cell, Email)

• Website (if you have one)

Our deadline is October, 15. We look forward to seeing your work!