Art-WOW at the Mad Market

The Mad Market offered art for everyone: cool and crazy. We shared ideas, inspirations and images. Artists used every media – paint, plant, paper, peanut butter. Mad art covered every topic – cartoons to psychosis to cupcakes. The photos below give a very rough idea of the incredible range of mad artists:

Art making continued at the market!

For next year, look forward to much more publicity and many more vendors!


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    Reblogged this on ARISE-TO-TRASH and commented:
    Hey look! There’s a pic of me eating a shoe.

    I had so much fun at the Mad Market! There were so many great people there. I really hope I get to attend next years :}

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      Wow I missed this comment but I am glad you had fun. And I hope to see you at Mad Pride 2016!

      Bring some fun shoes and an appetite for mad snacks!

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