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Dana McCool

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Dana McCool is an artist, writer and MAD Pride advocate. She is currently a student at OCAD University as well as the University of Toronto.
    “Guided by perceptions rooted in an esoteric meaning matrix, I enjoy contemplating the nature of reality – explicitly the paradigms we operate within as individuals in biological, social and spiritual contexts. With surrealistic intent and symbolist perspective, the (displayed) collection of work traverses the metaphysical experience of the mind/ego. Given a visionary frame, subjects move around a labyrinth of semiotics. The phenomenology and emotional intelligence behind concepts are deeply considered. Philosophy, archetypal insight, mysticism & consciousness theories percolate as central themes at the heart of what is being generated. Aesthetic inspiration is drawn from ancient sources, with a special appreciation for collage methodology and spontaneous and intuitive decision making. Thus, concepts are cultivated with both traditional and modern significance. Since 2016, my body of work has expanded and grounded itself into and within the more pragmatic domains of sociology, psychoanalysis, and feminist/queer theory (including social justice). Future work will peer into the controversies of neuro-diversity. I am especially interested in the construction and dissolution of selfhood and personal narratives, and particularly how health is perceived as a theoretical concept.”
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