Calling Mad Artists

The Mad Market is on Saturday, July 16, 2016

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Mad artists are awesome. We are not just “pretty” good for people with mental illnesses. We are proud and ready to show our skills. So here is a Big chance to show the world.

Jewels and art and a plant!
Jewels and art and a plant!

We seek diverse artists who identify as Mad people or consumer survivors or otherwise labelled.

Apply now (deadline is tentatively June 17) 

Art (Type, genre)(required)

Can we share your story?(required)

Note: We reserve the right to choose artists that represent different

Judith Phelan's mad stories and mad art
Judith Phelan’s mad stories and mad art

media and genres. We will also need to limit the number of artists. We prefer that you use this application form. You may email us at with the subject line “Mad Marketplace” + Your Name. In the body include:

  1. Name:
  2. Contact info: email, phone number, URL.
  3. What type of art: (painting, comics, jewelry, pottery, book + more)

    Louise Martin - Author - lessons of her life
    Louise Martin – Author – lessons of her life
  4. Experience & examples of your art: experienced & new artists wanted.
  5. Story about your Art and its connection to “Madness”: (3-5 sentences max – indicate if we can share your story on the website)

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