Mad Pride Toronto invites you and your organization to create signs and banners to show off your pride at this years Bed-Push.

Picture of Mad Pride 2015 - Bed Push
Mad Pride 2015 – Bed Push

Marches are more fun and powerful when banners show solidarity and a great sense of humour. Especially when they include Mad-Puns: “Madvocates move me”, “I am Mad about equality”, “Truly Madly Deeply”, “MadInfo makes you Madawesome”. Here is some inspiration from France (

MAD PRIDE 2015 – 13 juin à Paris

Do you have questions about making signs and banners? We will have a sign party closer to the March, but stay in touch and talk to your organization now.



Mad Pride in words and flowers

Mad Pride can be hard to explain to people who have never experienced it.  Mad Pride can be inclusive and transcendent. It can be logical and mundane. It can be intensely personal…

If you boiled down your idea of Mad Pride, what would it mean? We will share some of your answers here:

Mad Pride means …

Mad Pride in words and flowers
Words and thoughts to make meaning in Mad Pride

More Mad Pride 5 word thoughts to come



Mad Pride is more than meeting fabulous beautiful people, it is also about talent. Comedy, music, poetry, painting, jewelry, and comedy.

The music night brought us together in an intimate affair to discover remarkable talents. Performers covered everything from classic folk tunes to Adele to heartfelt original poetry to Alanis Morissette (who attended in spirit):

Jokes and madness go together like dogs and poker.

If you can’t laugh at mental illness, then you needed to attend the Mad Pride Comedy night. Our veteran, scintillating and dirty performers covered everything from relationships to hospitalizations; families to medications; and nut allergies to psychiatrists. There was a lot to learn and next year we might prepare a report (haha) to send to psychiatrists to diagnose their problems and advise them on how to improve.

Note: Let us know if you would like to have your name or picture included here. Otherwise we will maintain confidentiality.