Mad Pride


Past Events

Mad Pride Toronto events have been listed in the Consumer/Survivor Information Bulletin for many years. For more information, see the following issues:

2012: Issue 467
2011: Issue 444
2010: Issue 421
2009: Issue 397
2008: Issue 374
2007: Issue 349, Video Documentary
2006: Issue 330
2005: Issue 304

Historical articles on Psychiatric Survivor Pride:

Issue 354
Issue 376


Mad Pride Montreal
Mad Pride Vancouver
Mad Pride Winnipeg
Mad Pride Hamilton


Check out the Creative Maladjustment Week (July 7-14, 2013) website by MindFreedom International for ideas on how to celebrate wherever you might be living.

Adbusters – Mad World (No. 41, May/June 2002)

Asylum: the magazine for democratic psychiatry (Vol. 18, No. 1, Spring 2011)
Visit MindFreedom International for links to Mad Pride festivities around the world.
Mad Pride: A Celebration of Mad Culture (1999, edited by T. Curtis, R. Dellar, E. Leslie, and B. Watson)

Other Madness


Mad Art and Organizing

Asylum Squad
Coalition Against Psychiatric Assault
Coalition for an Independent PPAO
Consumer/Survivor Information Resource Centre of Toronto
The Bulletin
Consumer/Survivor TimeBank of Toronto Empowerment Council
Laughing Like Crazy
Mad Students Society
Mental Health Police Records Check Coalition
Occupy Psychiatry
Psychiatric Survivor Archives of Toronto (PSAT)
PSAT Voices Newsletter
Recovering Our Stories
The Friendly Spike Theatre Band
Workman Arts

Other Madness

Mad-Positive Spaces and Services

Visit ODPI for a list of consumer/survivor initiatives in Ontario
ARCH Disability Law Centre
“Mad People’s History”, Critical Disability Studies, York University
Self-Labelling and Identity
Introducing Mad People’s History
Presenting the Consumer/Survivor/Ex-Patient Movement
“Mad People’s History” and “A History of Madness”, Disability Studies, Ryerson University
Parkdale Community Legal Services
Psychiatric Patient Advocate Office
Sound Times Support Services
Working for Change


National Network for Mental Health
The History of Madness in Canada


Centre for the Human Rights of Users and Survivors of Psychiatry
Hearing Voices Network
Inquiry into the Schizophrenia Label
INTAR: International Network Toward Alternatives and Recovery
International Association Against Psychiatric Assault
Intervoice: The International Community for Hearing Voices
Mental Disability Advocacy Center
Mental Disability Rights International
National Paranoia Network
Pan African Network of People with Psychosocial Disabilities
Soteria Network
CAPS Advocacy/Oor Mad History
Centre for the Human Rights of Users and Survivors of Psychiatry
European Network of (ex-) Users and Survivors of Psychiatry
MindFreedom International
The Icarus Project
World Network of Users and Survivors of Psychiatry

Cross-Disability Groups and Organizations

Abilities Arts Festival
AODA Alliance
Toronto Disability Pride
Ethno-Racial People with Disabilities Coalition of Ontario International Day of Persons with Disabilities – Toronto ODSP Action Coalition Simply People Disability Celebration

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